Microsurgery: Transplantation and Replantation by Harry J. Buncke, MD, et al.
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  Such transplants will be of little value unless sensation returns to the skin and movement to the tendons and joints. Lapchinsky (1960) working with dogs has shown

that sensation and function return to reimplanted acral parts. Schwind (1962) has demonstrated the same results in homotransplanted legs moved by parabiosis in preconditioned rats, if the principal nerves are carefully repaired. The monkeys with surviving transplants in this present study are using them freely in spite of flexion contractures of the distal phalanges due to poor tendon balance (Fig. 8).

A long-term study is now under way to evaluate the durability of the joints and function of the small muscles of these composite transplants. Observations at nine months indicate that they do not appear to deteriorate as do denervated free autogenous transplants (Entin and Alger, 1962).

The potentialities for tissue transplantation by these techniques are most challenging, and have wide application in the field of experimental and clinical reconstructive surgery.

We would like to express our appreciation to Nora A. Christian, R.N., for her assistance throughout this Project. We would also like to thank Mills Memorial Hospital, San Mateo and Peninsula Hospital Burlingame for useful surplus equipment donated to the Project.



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