Microsurgery: Transplantation and Replantation by Harry J. Buncke, MD, et al.
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Omental Transplantation

FIG. 26-03. The omentum has been folded over the positive ear mold, completely covering it, and the skin graft has been wrapped around the omental mold complex.

FIG. 26-04. The negative clam-shell molds have been placed over the skin graft omental-positive mold complex and sutured to one another. The omental vascular pedicle is seen on the left.

FIG. 26-05. The prefabricated ear complex has been buried under the temporal scalp, anastomosing the omental pedicle to the superficial temporal pedicles of the dog. The seven-layered complex consists of negative silicone mold, skin graft, omentum, positive ear mold, omentum, skin graft, and negative ear mold.

FIG. 26-06. A simulated human ear is delivered from the recipient pocket 3 weeks after transplantation.


A man had a malignant tumor of the scalp. (From McLean, D.H., and Buncke, H.J.: Autotransplantation of the omentum to a large scalp defect with microsurgical revascularization. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 49:266, 1972.)

FIG. 26-07. Outline of proposed excision.

  FIG. 26-08. Excisional defect is seen after removal of the tumor and the external table of the skull in the central portion.

FIG. 26-09. Excised specimen.

FIG. 26-10. The omentum has been removed from the abdomen simultaneously by a second team and is ready for transplantation to the skull defect.

FIG. 26-11. Postoperative results show the mesh graft well taken on the vascularized underlying omentum.

FIG. 26-12. Preoperative angiogram shows the superficial temporal vessels.

FIG. 26-13. Postoperative arteriogram shows the omental vessels replacing the right superficial temporal vascular arborization.


A woman had omental transfer to the chest and left arm for lymphedema following mastectomy.

FIG. 26-14. Preoperative condition of a 60-year-old woman who underwent a radical mastectomy and skin graft to the chest with secondary lymphedema of the left upper extremity.

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