Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

Pioneered at The Buncke Clinic:

The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore the appearance of a breast after mastectomy. Recent microsurgical advances allow for improved and safer reconstruction than was available even ten years ago. DIEP flap, SIEA flap and TUG flap microsurgical breast reconstruction have significant advantages over implant, pedicled TRAM and free TRAM reconstruction.

Microsurgical DIEP, SIEA and TUG flap reconstruction can improve the aesthetics of the reconstructed breast and reduce complications such as fat necrosis and flap loss. Although microvascular autologous reconstruction can be surgically more complex and requires an increased operating time, the long term results have solidly established it as a superb method of reconstruction. Unfortunately, not many surgeons perform microsurgical breast reconstruction, or if they do, they perform it infrequently. Patients may be discouraged from seeking out microsurgical reconstruction as a result.

Although not offered by many plastic surgeons, microsurgical reconstruction with these flaps can be an excellent choice. These procedures offer potential for:

  • Permanent results
  • Sparing of abdominal muscles
  • The aesthetic perk of a tummy tuck or inner thigh lift
  • Breasts that feel more soft and genuine than implants do
  • Breasts that look more natural than implants do