Buncke Clinic

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Hand Surgery

What we do

Since 1970 The Buncke Clinic has been at the forefront of the advancement of reconstructive surgery. We are a leading center for microsurgery, plastic and reconstructive and hand surgery. In addition to caring for patients from our local San Francisco Bay Area community, we maintain our outstanding tradition as a top tertiary referral center for the most complex reconstructive plastic and microsurgical treatment options. Patients from around the globe have been treated by our team of highly specialized surgeons using the latest and most advanced restorative techniques in modern medicine:

  • Microsurgery.
  • Reconstruction to treat cancer, trauma and congenital deficiencies.
  • Replantation of amputated body parts.
  • Repair after nerve injury.
  • Restoration of the breast after cancer and the arm after lymphedema.
  • Hand surgery.
  • New and innovative reconstructive procedures.

Our site is designed to provide general information for non-trained persons and health care consumers, and in-depth information for trained medical and scientific practitioners. For medical professionals, we also invite you to visit our affiliated website for more information.

Our Mission

Harry J. Buncke founded a clinical service and microsurgical research lab at what is now the CPMC-Davies Campus, in San Francisco, California. In that year he performed the first microvascular transplant in the world. The first human toe to thumb transplantation in the United States soon followed. As did many other pioneering and innovative firsts. This started a trend of surgeons from all over the world coming to train with Dr. Buncke and performing 1-year fellowships in this program. Since that time, The Buncke Clinic has been a world leader in hand, microsurgery and plastic surgical reconstruction.

Our goal is to deliver the most advanced microsurgical care available in the world. We are closely affiliated with California Pacific Medical Center, Davies Campus, in San Francisco, California. And our surgeons are affiliated with both Stanford, and UCSF. Microsurgery has been performed at this location since our founding over 50 years ago by Dr. Buncke, who is considered the Father of Microsurgery.