Common types of hand surgery

There are many different types of surgery that are performed on the hand, depending on the underlying condition. The following is a brief overview of some of the types of surgery that may be performed:

  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Dupuytren's contracture
  • Tendon repair
  • Ganglion cysts
  • Joint replacement
  • Trapeziectomy/CMC arthroplasty of the thumb
  • Trigger finger release
  • Nerve injury
  • Congenital differences
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Wrist surgery
  • Wrist arthroscopy
  • Vascular insufficiency of the hand
  • Digital Sympathectomy (Scleroderma, Raynaud's)
  • Venous and arterial malformations
  • Aneurysms of the hand and forearm
  • Hypothenar hammer syndrome